Dear Starbucks,

I don’t care what color your cups are.   Your coffee is too bitter for me.   I have to admit, I like the frozen drinks, those are okay.  So I’m hearing all kinds of crap about your use of red cups at Christmas. Personally, I like the color red at Christmas.  Though I never associated your cups with Christmas.   I never realized you used decorated cups at Christmas.   Hey, thanks for trying to be joyful, whatever your reason.  I don’t have any business trying to interpret your faith, as long as you aren’t a hater, I’m respectful.

Just as an aside, someone else did something regarding red cups and he got a huge country music hit out of it.

But, do what you want with your cups.  It’s your business.

I’m pretty unaware of social media usage.

Did I use “hashtags” correctly in the following:



I only ask you because the world seems to believe you are trendsetters or hipsters.  Or whatever the current slang is for people in the know.

Oh, I do like some of your mugs and insulated iced drink holders.  They are pretty pricey.   But I like them.  So if you could do something about those prices I’d really be impressed.   And maybe your coffee wouldn’t taste so bitter if it wasn’t so pricey.  Now that, I think, would be something to address you about.   Your coffee and your prices.  Seeing as how that is your business.   How about a less bitter coffee.  Lower prices.  And whatever cup color you want.


A Less Bitter Coffee Drinker

Who Does Not Find Her Faith On My Coffee Cup

I call shenanigans on the whole thing.

46 thoughts on “Dear Starbucks,

  1. Hahaha! This is brilliant! Tis the season to be jolly. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas! Now what is the name of that song that became famous because of a red coffee cup? Actually, I like their red coffee cup. I think it’s pretty. I do like their coffee, but like you, I don’t purchase it because it is too pricey.


  2. You got it out. Now let it go. 😊
    p.s. It falls into the category of small stuff that the media tries to make us believe is big stuff – but its only big stuff to them because it impacts their bottom line.


  3. I cannot believe what big deals people make about little things like cup colors. I have to add cream, sugar and ask for toffee nut or caramel. By the time I do this I could have eaten a meal somewhere else. I have friends we ho still want to go there. Prices come down on January or when I saw them last year. . I have a pretty flowered ceramic, tall, thin mug with a rubber lid, Christmas gift. It is usually not with me when I go to meet a friend. . . Colleen, those hash tags cracked me up!! 🙂 🙂


    • 😉 I enjoyed the hashtags Robin. I think Jim left me one that I fully support as well.

      I can’t believe there are this many people willing to bond together over the color of a coffee cup to make change. Seems there are so many more important things to bond over and work towards change…… I am SURE we could come up with a list.


  4. It does almost seem like a PR stunt of some kind doesn’t it? As to the minimalism look, yeah a bit hipsterish, and likely more cost effective. Personally, best coffee I had was in Australia. As to Starbucks, despite that bitterness I like it…I am just an addict though I will admit. Caffeine in any form does it for me, it would seem.

    But I agree, it has a shenanigans feel. 🙂


  5. One of your best! I think you stated it so well. What the heck IS Starbucks! A damn place to get overpriced, and yes bitter, coffee…..lets keep things in perspective people! Thanks for the excellent reminder.#nosbucksinbardstown!!!


  6. Not a fan of the flavor either—I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts fan. I agree with the prices and the absurdity over the color or design of their cups. Why do some take something that means little to do with the original intent and blow it out of proportion? —and I thought I was a little crazy.


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