It’s Just Corn


We were driving for a day trip of adventure.

We topped a hill on a foggy day,

And saw this.

I love the image.

It feels ghosty like.

I like the darkness

And the softness of it.

And I don’t know what to think of it any more.

As I sit here trying to write I can’t get the images and horrors of what happened in France out of my thoughts.  I’m looking at this picture that I made a point of having my husband stop the car so I could go take about dozen or so pictures because I just liked the image.  It’s that simple, an image, of just corn.  And it made me happy enough I wanted to take a picture.

I don’t think I am a simpleton for enjoying such an image.  I think I am happy enough with life that there are things that just are.   Things that are pleasant, things that are enjoyable, things that are simple-and yet important for their very simplicity.

This picture, of this corn, now bothers me.

While I was out, taking a break from my normal responsible life-others were planning murder.

I can’t process it.

I don’t live my life hating on others who do not believe as I do.

I don’t live my life hating on others who do not talk like me, look like me, pray or don’t pray like me.

And while I’m trying to write something positive and joyful there are people out there who are purposefully creating hate, horror and mayhem.  And there are people who’s lives have been altered beyond my comprehension.

It may be wrong of me.  But from my experience as a human being, I cannot create that kind of emotion or thought or action against another human being.   And those who can, don’t seem human to me at all.

I’m not sure how to articulate my feelings right now.   I just know that I took that picture on a day I spent enjoying my part of the world.  And now this stupid picture reminds me that while I was out taking pictures and appreciating life, others were out there planning to destroy life.

For lack of articulation, it just pisses me off.

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30 thoughts on “It’s Just Corn

  1. It’s really a cool photo! It looks like the heads and top torso of people. I agree with you about those who plot murder and mayhem. I cannot comprehend it. It really pisses me off too.


  2. niaaeryn says:

    It angers me too, and it reminds me too that letting their hate cloud over all is just to my mind unacceptable as well. It is a haunting image you captured and worth noting. Still, the world again will not be the same, and again the world must change as ever it has and as ever it will. My hope is that this change will be a positive one bred from compassion rather than destruction.


  3. I want to say don’t let it get to you but that doesn’t seem right either.


  4. Great photo Colleen. I agree, we can’t use hate to anything.


  5. reocochran says:

    I understand our sorrow, communal grief, Paris and other places in the world have suffering, grief and deaths.
    The only thing I can say is something my wise grandfather said, “When I am gone I want you to know you must be happy so I can feel relieved and happy, too.”
    I also think of the Titanic and those in lifeboats singing through the night. We must carry on and not let those who create these tragedies to feel we will stop our lives from moving forward. I like the Titanic film song, “My Heart Goes On.” I take this permission to smile, laugh and “Carry on.”


    • We do need to go on, for certain! Your grandfather was so right. And we would say the same things to our children. It’s these horrific incomprehensive acts that stop us in our tracks. How do the loved ones of these people (any where that this happens) process this???


      • reocochran says:

        I say prayers, Colleen for a long list of people. I call my friend, Patrice,and we combine our lists. We then turn those pains, sufferings, illnesses and deaths over to Him who has big shoulders. The prayer I like to say is part of a service, “Come all ye who are heavy laden. . . ” Once my prayers are said, I feel relieved not selfish for my going on. ♡


  6. No one can comprehend the atrocity that was carried out. I also don’t understand how a religion can bring people to do it these hideous crimes. None of us knew what they were planning, but without airing my views too much, we as civilised human beings mustn’t be as soft as we have been with these terrorists. On a side note you have the right to enjoy your land, your corn bales, your photography and I agree it’s an amazing photograph. It’s a sad day on our earth, it’s sadder that these people try to scare others from living their own lives.
    I’m with everyone else and you pissed off too!


    • You’re right Jen. My nephew posted something about how now, after the attack in France, NOW someone attacked ISIS. His point being, why -if they knew where these headquarters were-wasn’t it addressed before now? They have been brutalizing people for so long. Why was there any hesitation. I have to wonder as well.

      And you’re right, we need to keep appreciating. We do.


      • ISIS have public ally said they want the world to be scared, they put their hands up for every terrorist incident that has occurred, whether they have or not. Wanting all us to be afraid of who they are what they do. France will stand tall and proud and not be afraid, as we all should. We do hesitate, we don’t do what is needed, but I best get off my soap box again as my views on these people are very strong. We must continue to enjoy the things in life that we have, regardless of there scare tactics. They are no more than childish bullies who carry guns, which is another reason why guns should be abolished. Unfortunately they have stronger weaponry, which is more difficult. We must stand united and fight these demons and not pussy foot around.


  7. ksbeth says:

    it is beyond human comprehension.


  8. April says:

    It’s hard to wrap your mind around, that’s for sure. I’m with you on your sentiment but will not dwell on the bad people of our world. I will do my little bit and hopefully positively change the life of one and that one will go on to change the lives of others, and so on. By the way, I love your corn shots.


  9. inmycorner says:

    I guess it is fitting that in French – that corn is called “mais” – pronounced Maze — confusing.


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