The Missing Man Table

I attended a ceremony today to honor veterans.

I learned more about the POW/MIA flag than I knew there was to know.

Today is Veteran Awareness Day.

One of the most moving things I learned

Was about the

Missing Man Table.

Missing Man Table

What the table represents:

The Small Round Table:

Frailty of one isolated prisoner.

Everlasting concern of family and friends.

The White Table Cloth:

Purity of purpose and intentions.

The Single Red Rose:

Blood of their sacrifice.

Love of the families.

The Slice of Lemon:

Bitter fate of the missing.

The Burning Candle:

Light of hope, in our hearts, guiding them home.

A Pinch Of Salt:

Countless fallen tears.

The Bible:


Inverted Glass:

The missing and fallen cannot partake.

The Empty Chair:

 The missing and fallen are not present.




(There are many variations to this symbolism.  I found it very moving.)

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