Can It Be That Simple?

Me vs. You

Us vs. Them

This is how it starts.

I'm Right

This is how it escalates.


This is where we have the ability

To be different than anyone else in history.


We need to rise above what we have always done.


 And be the difference this world needs.


 We just need to figure it out.

But using methods we’ve long ignored

And ignore the methods we’ve long employed.


Can it be this simple…


To hope for….


From someone who wants to lead.

And make our time

A history to be proud of.


48 thoughts on “Can It Be That Simple?

  1. I agree with Rus. This is wisdom. If only it could be this easy. I have come to the opinion that every business and home in the world needs to pipe in 528 Hz music and brotherly love and peace will be achieved! LOL! Seriously, have you read about it? It helped clean up the BP oil spill in the ocean, surely it can clean up the evil in this world.


  2. I think you are absolutely correct. It could be so simple. Sadly it is almost human nature to make such an exchange more difficult than it needs be.


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