Every Year

I believe.

I believe the next year will be better than any of my previous years.  I have had the utmost luck at life getting better as I get older.  Every single year has proven to hold blessings and wonders.  Without fail.  It shall continue.  I call dibs.

I believe that I will ride my bicycle even more this year than last.  I voluntarily reduced my riding joys to tend to other matters of living.   That’s okay.  And I’ll do it again if needed.  But for right now the plan is to ride Mamo ride.  Again, dibs.

I believe I might try something new this year.  I don’t know what.  I just have a funny feeling there might be something I haven’t tried yet.  So, there it is, if I haven’t tried it then I must.

I believe I will learn a little more about those I already know, learn a little bit about those I don’t know at all, and do my best to leave a smile or a good thought about myself with total strangers.  Even if it’s as simple as passing them and leaving them with a smile.

I believe in the absolute goodness of all of us. No, all of us do not exhibit goodness.  And I believe there are those without goodness.  What I believe in, is the absolute goodness of those of us who are good.  I don’t believe for one minute we are on the verge of destruction.  Because when called upon, even the  most timid of us will rise up to help one another long before we would open our mouths to speak out in anger.

I believe that one day, soon, common sense will reign!  I believe it because it just makes sense.  We can only tolerate the absurd for so long.  It will run it’s course.  And again the sense we were born with will matter, and play a part in the running of our own worlds.   It will happen.

I believe the children who are our future?  They are the children of loving, attentive, involved and diverse parents.   I believe in the parents I know.  I believe because I know.  I’m impressed.   And they give me hope.

I believe the world is full of intelligent and accepting people.  World wide.  I believe this because the world full of such diverse people?  They are reading and learning about one another.  And they like one another.   Somebody should put the bloggers in charge of human relations.

I believe I will create something this year.  Something with words.  Something with wood.  Something with macaroni.  Who knows.  But I will create.  Good or bad.

I believe there will be healing because there are those committed to curing.

I believe there will be trusting because there are those who are willing to take that chance.

I believe there will be wonderful inventions because there are those who are curious and willing to try.  There are those with brains that work differently and brilliantly.

I believe there will be adventures lived and shared with joy.  Because there are those who are willing to take risk and face some fears.

I believe there will be happy hearts in quiet homes because there are those who’s total joy lies within the walls of their humble homes.  And are held fast by the love of their life.   And that is the total of their needs, risks and wants.  I believe there will be happy hearts in new and exciting places because they thrive on the adventure and excitement of new knowledge and new discovery.

I believe there will be awareness of the importance of what we have.  Because we know how quickly it can be gone.  And we will appreciate all that we do have.  And all that we love.

I believe in me.

I believe in you.

I believe in us.

I believe this will be a very good year indeed.