If You Don’t Believe

My husband tells me about the time his mom took them each aside at Christmas time to ask them what they wanted.   Privately she took each child to her room and said “do you believe in Santa Claus?”   He remembers the year he told her no.

She said “okay, we’re done here.”

We laughed and he put up his hands and said to me “let me rethink this…” is the panic he had as a child.

Personally, as a child or an adult, I would panic if I didn’t believe.

If you don’t believe, where’s the hope?  The excitement?  The anticipation?  The joy?

We aren’t done here.

35 thoughts on “If You Don’t Believe

  1. My grandies like the idea of the bells on the sleigh. They say that there is still magic “If uou can still hear them.” They are also in awe of God’s choosing Mary for a mother and Elizabeth for John the Baptist. Peace be with you this holiday season, Colleen. ♡


  2. My mother to this day still labels some of the presents as from Santa. To her mind it is about the spirit of Christmas and that spirit she is determined should stay alive as it is one of the few joyful things in this world. As I get older, I see her point.
    My brother tried to help us keep believing in Santa for her, but the kids on the bus made that very difficult. Looking back it was sweet of him 😉


  3. Believing is beauty in life. Loved reading this post, while I personally don’t believe in any Santa business it’s nice to see all the belief, and there are many other joyous things and many wonderful people to believe in.


  4. I will always believe Coleen.
    My friend who went to American Institute of Psychics says her teacher invited the spirit of Santa Claus, St. Nick, or this benevolent being we know in our hearts to exist in some form, to be called into their group. She says.. being a skeptic, she did not expect to feel cool air and a happy, healing energy empower all in the room. They left feeling peaceful and happy.


  5. I can’t remember when my sister and I stopped believing in Santa Claus (whether it was some kid at school telling us he wasn’t real, or our growing suspicion about the correlation between the amount of whisky our dad insisted we leave out for Santa on Xmas Eve, when he and Rudolph called round with our presents, and our dad’s obvious state of inebriation on Xmas morning) but it didn’t stop the magic of Xmas for us – just added a different dimension to it 😆


    • damn, pressed the publish button before I was ready – Ggrrrr !

      that extra dimension I mentioned?

      the joy of co-conspirators searching the house in the weeks leading up to Xmas for likely places where our parents might have hidden our pressies from ‘Santa’ and trying our best to keep each other awake on Xmas Eve – [we shared a bedroom when we were little] – in order to catch our parents in the act of leaving our pressies at the foot of our bed (which we never succeeded in doing) ! 😆


      • Hahahahaa! Our parents may have had the same extra dimension. They always invited their friends, unmarrieds or marrieds without kids, over on Christmas eve. We would be ushered off to bed. Then woken up around 2 of 3 am to open the presents under the tree. WIth all of the inebriated friends there to enjoy kids opening. It never occurred to us to question how Santa did that with all of these happy revelers in the midst!


  6. And the presents! I remember having quite the heated fight with a friend as a kid because she tried to tell me there was no Santa and I believed in him totally.
    Also my dad dressed up as Santa one Christmas and came to the door with gifts. I said to him “Santa you have the same boots as my dad.” I had no idea it was my dad. Ha! So I believe…


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