Can You Mostly Believe

I asked her, in her eighth decade of life “do you believe in Santa Claus?”

And she, in her eighth decade of life, replied “I mostly do”.

And I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.

I heard ‘doubt’ in the answer.

If we replace “Santa Claus” with a number of other persons or things to believe in, and the answer remains the same, it defines doubt.

And that kind of made me sad.

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22 thoughts on “Can You Mostly Believe

  1. It is sad but she “mostly” does so maybe something will happen to make her believe for “sure.” ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ksbeth says:

    she is afraid to fully believe for fear of being proven wrong, i think.


    • Elisa says:

      what if…the idea of a right and a wrong, in a believing ought to be flushed, there really is NO fully anything ๐Ÿ™‚ well, maybe dead

      Fear is the lie that stops belief, fear for me is at issue entirely by itself. One is not the opposite of the other.


  3. Hard not to be cynical after living on the planet for 80 plus years I think. Sad but true.


  4. ‘Mostly’ believing isn’t bad. I feel the same way and I don’t believe it’s sad. โค
    Merry Christmas, Colleen, to you and all your family,blood and otherwise. โค


  5. Mustang.Koji says:

    Don’t be sad, Chatter Master. That’s eight decades of wisdom, too, be it right or wrong. The best lessons I learned came out of Old Man Jack’s salty as a sailor’s mouth…


  6. niaaeryn says:

    Well, sometimes we can be surprised and gave a change of heart on a spur of the moment. A bit sad though. Life is at times more about conquering our own self doubt. It may have been an off day for her. I hope the festivities of the time lift her spirits all the same. To be sad this time of year is the worst.


    • Well, I hope I didn’t paint her as sad. I think it may have been an honest, but ‘okay’ answer. I really caught her off guard. And it didn’t feel sad coming from her. It felt sad when I thought about it. If that makes sense…..

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      • niaaeryn says:

        It does she was more matter of fact in the moment and the deeper layers upon later reflection can be sad. I think that is it?? Still, I wonder a similar thought of how I will see life when I am that old.


        • I do the same thing Niaaeryn…wonder how I will look back at now. My job keeps me so aware of NOW because when I get there, I want to look back with joy and as few regrets as possible. I wonder about their lives and youths and experiences. Working with the elderly, keeps me young.

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  7. reocochran says:

    I believe in the whole “she – bang,” Colleen. I have told the grandies there must be a Santa! Hope we keep the magic of childhood dreams forever!! โ™กโ™ก


  8. A bit uncertain and yes a wee bit of doubt but she’s lived 80 yrs and still chooses to “mostly believe.” while it is a little sad, I can’t help but think the belief far outweighs the doubt.


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