I Don’t Know

I don’t know much.  But I know some things.  Compared to the knowledge available in this world I am most likely in the lower 50% of persons ‘in the know’.  Chances are good I’m in the lower 25% of people in the know.

But that’s okay.

I’m happy about what I do know.

I’m disturbed by some of the things I know.

There are some things I’m truly happy, relieved, to not know.  And am consoled to not have to know.

I enjoy being curious about what I want to know.  And grateful I can choose to be curious, or not, about what I don’t know.

I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t care about any of it at all.  There’s enough of that out there.

I suspect I will never know most of all there is to know.

I’m excited to know that there is more to know.

Sometimes I’m  jealous of not knowing a little bit more than I do.

But never, ever, do I  want to be the know it all.

How boring would it be to be the one who knows everything?

27 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

  1. Agreed. And much of what we think we know we probably have wrong. I find “I don’t know” to be refreshing sometimes. Not as some sort of celebration of ignorance, but rather as an admission of the complexity and value of knowledge. Intellectual curiosity and a love of knowledge is a good thing. Pretending to have it all figured out is not.


    • I remember as a young adult I was having a discussion with my father in law. He had only gone to the 9th grade in school. But he worked hard and provided well for his family. I always liked him. But I remember the moment I began to admire him. We were talking about something. And I said a word (can’t remember what it was) and he said “what does that mean? I don’t know it.” I was so impressed by his willingness to say “I don’t know”. It seemed so brave to me. I miss that man.


  2. All I know is that people who think they know it all are insufferable! You know just enough and then some, Colleen! That’s not just knowledge, it’s wisdom. We see it here all the time, and it’s just right. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  3. I love to read a wide variety of books and cover many topics, and I think I learn so much along the way, however, I don’t imagine that all in all I really know very much of importance. I think a lot of my knowledge falls into the “trivial’ category. I’ll keep reading and maybe that will help. 🙂


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