Then, There Is Hope

I was going to say-


The Muslim protects the Israelite,


The Israelite protects the Christian,


The Christian protects the Hindu,


The Hindu protects the Buddhist,


The Buddhist protects the Atheist,


The Atheist protects the Mormon,


The Mormon protects the Wiccan,


The Wiccan protects the Taoist,


All of these are interchangeable –

There will be hope for us all.


It seems that when protection is not needed from one another

But acceptance is the rule of peace,


We will have hope.


22 thoughts on “Then, There Is Hope

  1. We may not always agree with the beliefs of others, but that is no excuse to treat them badly. Everyone should be free to believe however and in whomever they choose….as long as that “religion’s” teachings aren’t used as a license to hurt others.


  2. Hope coming from acceptance would be great, Colleen. My Mom and I were discussing how the news emphasized fear of the Islamic and Muslim faiths. Mom said she doesn’t “excuse” certain groups over other ones. I looked at her wide-eyed and said by her being 87 I would think she would be “set in her ways.” She said, “This won’t happen as long as I have breath in my lungs.” If only. . .


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