12 Minutes Or So

I went to a local coffee house today at lunch.  I thought a quick, brisk walk would be just what I needed.  Grab a coffee and go back to work.

I ordered a coffee and at the last minute grabbed a bag of Sun Chips and decided to sit down instead of just walking back to work and taking advantage of a different environment.

I’m glad I did.

There was a group of special needs adults at a table.  I sat far enough away that I wasn’t intruding on them, but close enough I could absorb some of the joy I heard from them.   Pleasant talk.  Happy talk.  I just wanted to kind of exist in the moment of no pressure, no decisions, no anything.

During the 12 or so minutes I sat there three different women came up and asked me my name.

One asked me if I had sweaters to give away.  I said I didn’t but asked if she needed one.  She said no and laughed with me.

One told me she was going to start a program that she hoped would get her a job, as a cook.

One just wanted to meet me.   For no reason it seemed, just wanted to come over and say hi.

I’m sure I could come up with something about this little interlude to my work day.   Something to reflect on.  Something to learn from.

But I think I will just let it sit in my thoughts as a wonderful interaction between me and other human beings.

Because it just feels good to remember it.