That Time I Won The Billion Dollar Jackpot

I didn’t ‘quit’ my job. I left so someone else could have a good job with good benefits.  And I left on extremely good terms with all of my coworkers.  I mean, they really appreciated me.

I didn’t complain about the taxes I had to pay because what was left was more than King Midas had.  And hopefully a bit more wisdom in what I hope for.

I didn’t worry about my local economy any more because I bought everything I needed from them.  And tipped extremely well.

I didn’t fret over my family being so wide spread because I built my village.  Giving them all homes to live in or visit whenever they chose.

I didn’t forget my friends because they liked me when I was poor.  Poor, being a relative financial comparison to now, having won a billion dollars or so.  They made me feel rich then.  I want them to feel richer now.

I didn’t worry about insurance because I paid cash for all of my medical care.  Oh.  Then I spent a good bit of money reinstating common sense and making sure our doctors got to make our medical decisions with us instead of corporate paper pushing business managers.  Yeah.  I did that.

I supported arts in the schools.  And out of the schools.  Arts that encouraged people to sing, write, draw, paint, create.  Arts for the every person.

I saw the world, it’s beautiful places and stunning people.  And the commonness between us all.  A beating heart.   Mortality.  And dreams.   We all share these things.

There’s much I did.  And more I’ll do….

But the very first thing I did, was drop to my knees and pray.  Please give me wisdom and charity.   And don’t let this become who I am.  But let who I am become better because of this.