Is It Me

Is it me

That falters and falls

Tripping over understanding.


Is it me

That can’t keep balance

When change throws life asunder.


Is it me

That stutters through the day

When I need my voice to be clear.


Is it me

That get’s it wrong

And can’t figure out why.


Is it me

That get’s it right

And can’t see how.


Is it me

Who’s thoughts and ideas

Clutter and block my ability to think.


Is it me

Who wants and needs

What this world cannot meet.


Is it me

Who reaches out to touch the brush

To canvas that remains blank.


Is it me

Who reaching high

Remains forever grounded.


Is it me

Who struggles and succeeds

Spectacular or not.


Is it me

When weak or disheartened

Strength is found, unknown how.


Is it me

Who laughs with tears

And cries with laughter.


Is it me

Who dreams and wishes

Okay with what is real.


Is it me

Never fully awake

Never fully asleep.


Is it me

Wondering about the curious

Thinking outside of fact.


Is it me

Seeing without knowing

Believing without seeing.


It is me.

It is me.

18 thoughts on “Is It Me

  1. I like the questions, Colleen. It requires much thought within oneself to determine those unanswerable, unfathomable and often unreachable answers. I am one who has many more questions than answers. Hugs, Robin


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