When “I Love You” Is Not Appropriate

Proper Phone Etiquette For  Work :

1.  No cussing.  (I’m not sure if “hell” or “damn” are cuss words any more.)

2.  No yelling.  (Unless whom ever you are speaking with is hard of hearing, then you really should.)

3.  All expressions of frustration must be visual and not verbal.  (Unless video conferencing.  Then you are S.O.L.)

4.  Do not read emails while on the phone.  (This applies to me because I cannot read and listen at the same time.  It is a scientific fact.)

5.  Do not lay your head back in frustration at long winded persons.  (I have never fallen asleep, but I wanted to.  I may have dozed.  I’m not sure because my brain was otherwise numb.)

And the only reason for this post:

6.  Do not hang up saying “I Love You”.    (I only did it once.  Take my word for it, it is one time too many.)

20 thoughts on “When “I Love You” Is Not Appropriate

  1. One of my many trips to the veterinarian, I heard the receptionist say I love you…I thought she must be talking to someone she loved. No…it was a client and boy was she red faced.


  2. No office here so I can’t upset you. I think the one I’d most likely have offended you by would be laying my head back (and snoozing) at the long winded caller.
    I also hate the use of pet names in public.


    • Oh the times I’ve held my head while long conversations are carried on. Pet names don’t bother me as much as over the top PDA.

      Truth be told I can understand someone falling asleep while I’m talking. So I hope I’m forgiven if I ever do that to someone else.


  3. The rules make sense…still at least I love you is often a positive thing to say…oh work. In a way humanity is to be left at the door and that is frustrating.


  4. Hahahahaha! You did?! Oh my goodness. How embarrassing. Someone I know did that to me once, my boss’ husband. It could have been scandalous, but I think he was thinking of me as his daughter and just got confused. It was funny and probably embarrassing for him. A coworker who worked next to me used to frequently wait until the other person hung up and then say, “I love you too,” just to be a goofball and entertain me. Good times. 🙂


  5. Ha, ha!! Similar situation but my husband and I give a little smoochy kiss sound. Ugh, can’t even believe I’m admitting this out loud. But I’m not bothered to do it in front of others, except since starting back to work I have cut down. He has not mentioned it to me, yet. Anyhoo, point– I don’t talk to many others by phone, normally text as that is all anyone seems to do here in Ireland, and I sometimes ‘kiss’ my mother-in-law goodbye as she is one of the rare who do tend to call. So embarrassing.


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