Make a statement.

Follow it with


And effectively erase everything you just said.


“I love you.   But…..”

“I hear you.  But….”

“I understand you.  But…”

“You’re a good writer.  But….”

“You’re a good wife.   But…..”

My husband suggested that last one…..


47 thoughts on “Negate

  1. Whenever tom are having an argum…..I mean heated discuss…. I mean disagreement, he always says I can’t use but… It is hard not to use but…!


  2. True. And agreed :/ Oh negations. Yet (not “but” however a similar meaning) it is nice when people help call us out on what we do on autopilot…sometimes…and sometimes it is more frustrating than helpful.
    Adverbial modifiers instead? 🙂


  3. When I was a child my dad would say to me and the sibs that he could power his motor boat with all the but, but, but, but, buts we threw at him. You’d think he’d be thrilled with us saying it so often, really Dad! BUT, seriously, it definitely made me more aware of when I used it. 🙂

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