It’s Still There

We spend a lot of time putting things on the canvas of our life.

Then spend our lives covering up true feels.

And no matter how much we try to cover it up

It’s still there.

Under all of the layers.

It's Still There

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36 thoughts on “It’s Still There

  1. I don’t think I cover up enough sometimes.


  2. Such a waste of our precious energy… When we could instead use those strokes to paint life’s gifts on others’ canvas. 🙂


  3. Ocean Bream says:

    And sometimes it rears its ugly (or pretty) head at the most inopportune moments!


  4. April says:

    Oh…I have some things on my canvas that are covered forever. No sense in looking at them again. Once I saw ugly things, now I see beauty.


  5. Love your picture!! I agree. Feelings don’t go away, they are still under the layers and will come out sooner or later. I like how you put your feelings on the canvas!


  6. ksbeth says:

    it never goes away –


  7. mewhoami says:

    There is so much truth in this. It was on my mind to write a post similar to the thoughts you have here. Maybe today.


  8. Love your illustration. I cover selectively.


  9. Jim McKeever says:

    And sometimes if we hold the canvas a certain way, in a certain light, we can still see traces of what’s underneath. That is, if we want to …


  10. I don’t cover up well as I’m not a good artiste. 😦


  11. Paint and duct tape.
    Gets you through.
    Trust yourself
    to drop a layer or two.


  12. so very true, love the drawing!


  13. Mustang.Koji says:

    Somebody needs to come up with opaque watercolors… for me.


  14. niaaeryn says:

    Yes, it is always there. But the layers I feel still help…at least at times the depth helps the feels not explode at the worst time…and sometimes it adds to the art that is “us” in a way. 🙂 Without layers were are too two-dimensional.


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