What’s The Purpose?

What’s the purpose?

I don’t know.

But I know there is one.   There is a purpose for each of us.  And for each of our stories.

Our perceptions of life vary.  I have strong beliefs regarding mine.

So here’s a few.

There is good in this world.  There is pure goodness.

There is wicked evil in this world.

Good will always win.   Maybe not each moment.  But good will always reign over evil.

I don’t understand the sad and horrific things that happen.  And I don’t think I’m supposed to understand.

I will never be sorry for loving someone so much it hurts to lose them.   I will gladly carry that as a part of my love for them.  I would rather hurt in loss, than not.

We won’t get through this life pain free.   We just won’t.

And when we do hurt, it’s okay to cuss.  To scream. To want to punch the hell out of something.

It’s okay to yell at God.   He created that ability for us.  He knows we have a voice.  And He is able to hear us.

No matter what someone’s story is, it’s worth knowing.  No one should get through life without someone wanting to read their story.  So write your story.  And read someone else’s.

There is no perfection.  Not in this world.  There are those who are damn close to it.  But perfect isn’t achievable here.  If it was we would have been building on it all along and by now been a perfect race of human beings.

Since we can’t be perfect, we need to be forgiving.

We will be devastated in this life.

We will be amazed by this life.

And we never know from minute to minute whether devastation or amazement will be around the corner.

Not everything is simple.  But the best of what life has to offer is often so very simple.

The most incredible beauty in this world is not always something we can see or touch.  But experience.

I’m not going to understand most of what happens in this world.   The world is too vast.  I am not ignorant.  But I am not omni intelligent either.  And I don’t have to be.

This life is wondrous.

Even when we are kicked in the teeth with the reality that it is not forever.

It is still wondrous.

No matter how strong you are, you are stronger with love.  You are stronger with compassion.  You are stronger with charity and empathy.

Peace with how you act and who you are is invaluable.

I don’t know my purpose.  And I may never.

But there is a purpose for me.

For everyone.


I know.