The Waiting Room

I saw you today.

Across the room.

I saw you with your head down, working on your puzzle.

I saw you with your head back, your lips moving.  In prayer?  In plea?  In a curse?

I saw you with your head bowed down, hands supporting your emotionally weary head.  While your heart was supported by invisible strength from people every where.

I saw you with your head thrown back in laughter.  Strengthening your spirit.  Or just getting through the moment.

I saw you with your head tilted in, listening to hear what was being explained.  Trying to process it all.

I saw you helping someone else with something they were struggling with.  It was something simple.  But I saw your gentle demeanor and sweet touch.

I saw you sit away from everyone else.  Lost in thought.  Or very purposefully thinking.  With your elbow on the table, your chin in your hand.  Staring.

I saw you lean on a shoulder.  Exhausted.  And yet, unable to surrender to sleep.

I saw you not know what to say when there was so much to be said.

I saw you looking, and wondered if you really saw anything.

I saw your wishes and hopes play across your face, expressed in your eyes, felt in your heart.

I saw you try not to cry, and then saw you laugh.

I saw your expression of the most sincere devotion I have ever seen.  Simple and elegant, and pure.

I saw you look at him, watch him, when his eyes were closed.  And I could see how you felt about him.

I saw all of you.

And knew I saw what love looks like.

When I saw you.

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44 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. So pretty. Was this written for your grandchild?


  2. Ann Koplow says:

    I’m glad I saw this. Thanks, Colleen.


  3. This is very poignant and BEAUTIFUL!!


  4. ksbeth says:

    gave me chills. beautiful, colleen –


  5. So many emotions bottled up in one person. I pray for a good outcome.


  6. This is amazing, Colleen. While reading this played like a movie in my head.<3 ❤ ❤


  7. inmycorner says:

    That was beautiful! I see that you saw the things that so many others would like to see. Life is indeed a see-saw with so many moments to capture if one simply watches — watches to see.


  8. Heartafire says:

    Colleen, you’re a gifted writer, this is a beautifully moving message so perfect.


  9. Mustang.Koji says:

    You always stun me with your brilliance…


  10. niaaeryn says:

    Beautiful. You have a gift for sight and “seeing”. I hope all goes well for both yourself your loved ones, and the person you saw. 🙂


  11. Beautiful. You have such skill.


  12. Val Boyko says:

    I see you Colleen. Thank you for sharing your witnessing. 💛


  13. So moved by this. Can say no more. Bless you.


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