When She Is Gone

When she is gone

There will be sorrow

And regrets.

When she is gone

There will be questions

Without answers.

When she is gone

There will be chances no more

And opportunity gone.

When she is gone

The stories

Will go with her.

When she is gone

The laughter she has

Goes with her.

When she is gone

You cannot

Go to her.

When she is gone

It won’t matter

That you meant to.

When she is gone

Only the memories

You took time to make

Will remain.

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31 thoughts on “When She Is Gone

  1. Indeed, Colleen, yet what beautiful memories to cherish.


  2. reocochran says:

    Great encouragement for telling each and every special loved one or dear friend everything you are grateful for: Now! πŸ™‚
    This was a living tribute to a woman who is special.


  3. Mary Mazer says:

    I think this almost daily about my Mom. And also of my Mother in law and some other dear special ladies. I wish that each day I could capture their life and their experience. So I try to capture a bit with each conversation but I know it is not enough!


  4. murph says:

    πŸ’” this makes me equally as sad…


  5. Paul says:

    So true.

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  6. ksbeth says:

    yes, memories always remain.


  7. Beautiful ❀️❀️


  8. This is wonderful and so true. When she is gone, the stories and laughter will go with her. We need to enjoy our loved ones while they are still with us and hear all the stories they are willing to give.


  9. So well said and important. Make the memories today, spend the time doing it, so they keep you warm tomorrow. ❀


  10. russtowne says:

    And may those memories be pleasant and loving ones!


  11. Indeed. And now she is gone and it’s too late. ❀ <3<3


  12. niaaeryn says:

    True. Sad yet true. 😦


  13. Debra says:

    I think of this every day. We should really be this aware of everyone in our lives, but when we have elderly loved ones, there is urgency to make those memories and hold onto them.


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