Am I Fenced In

Or is the sun fenced out.

Fenced Sun

Either way

Separation is unnatural.

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26 thoughts on “Am I Fenced In

  1. Paul says:

    therein lies the ambiguity – every time you put up a fence you not only keep things out but you also keep yourself in.


  2. Ocean Bream says:

    Oh I like this, it all depends on perspective!


  3. jmgoyder says:

    I wish I had the answer to this conundrum.


  4. ksbeth says:

    humans are not meant to be on either side of fences.


    • See, that’s kind of where my thoughts were. At least in regards to the sun. We shouldn’t be separated from it, we need it. I think in my thoughts, the sun represents freedom.


  5. Cool photo! It looks like the sun is fenced out. No, I mean it looks like you are fenced in. Wait! It looks like there is a fence between you and the sun…..


  6. Some of each I guess, but doesn’t it depend ‘why’ the separation? ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Well, the deeper meaning of this could take us on many a twisty and curvy trails to find the best answer.

      But I was on my bike. And this was between me and the sun and I thought it was a great shot. And my first thought was that I have too many things between me and the sun. 😉

      We could have much prose written about this. 🙂


  7. Can’t quite come to a clear conclusion on separation. I think I agree with Tess, depends on why? 🙂


  8. mewhoami says:

    Let the sun in. Sometimes that’s easier sad than done, but once we do, those sun rays feel so good!


  9. Or… might it just be one’s mind imagining there is a fence? 🙂 To separation being unnatural, I believe there are instances/situations where it may be both natural and needed.


    • I agree, I think separation in some situations is necessary, and good.

      I took this photo when on a bike ride this past weekend. I stopped because I loved the way it looked. And I had the casual thought that there seems to be a lot separating me from the sun. So I took the picture and added the words. Interesting that we all have such thoughts about this.

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  10. hmm can I get back to you on that?


  11. niaaeryn says:

    Beautiful 🙂


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