Not The Time Of My Life

When I was a child and teenager I used to look forward to adulthood.   I yearned for adulthood.  Childhood was not the time of my life.  I was born an adult and had to suffer through childhood to get to the part of my life where I would be in control.

Control, when you don’t have it, can torment you.

I spent an inordinate amount of time looking forward, through a tunnel of time, to when I would get to be me.

Now I find myself looking back at that child, through that same tunnel, but from the other end of it.



It was worth the wait.


30 thoughts on “Not The Time Of My Life

  1. I suspect it may be a bit different for each of us. Honestly, although I had a happy childhood, I would never go back. At 58 i feel much more comfortable in my skin – it’s taken a lot of years but it gets stronger by the year.


    • I can relate to that. I DO feel much more comfortable. And I’m still learning more about me and how to be even more comfortable. Many parts of my childhood were happy. But even so, I knew I was ‘older’ than my years said. I’m growing in to that. 😉


    • Well, my look back wasn’t angst related. Just a kind of curious thing. I remember thinking so much about being “grown up”. I wonder if my ‘now’ life would mesh with those thoughts I had as a child. I’m sure that child would both be pleased, AND have questions. !!! 🙂


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