Remember Dignity

Remember when the president of the United States, or those running for that office, used to try and appear dignified?

Because they believed the office, the people, and the country, deserved that level of respect.

If you do not understand dignity and respect, you do not deserve my consideration.

Or my vote. 

45 thoughts on “Remember Dignity

  1. You must have watched the Republican debate last night. It was more like a reality show made for TV, if you know what I mean. I could go on and on and on but they did enough of that last night. A bunch of little boys! Disgraceful.


  2. I have looked on from Ireland for many years and been amazed at the circus that is presidential selection in the US. This years circus is the most bizarre show yet. I can’t believe it’s real. It both amuses and frightens me.


  3. As a Canadian, I feel so sorry for my distant cousins living in the United States. I also have a strong attachment towards my many virtual blogger friends.


  4. That was so long ago Colleen. I’m not sure I remember which President — Jimmy Carter has always been dignified, — but he was an anomaly and a one term president. The public just doesn’t seem to want dignity, or honesty, or safety, just a good show on TV during the knock down drag out street gang fighting they seem to generate now. Personally, I would love to see an election where TV ads and publicity is forbidden, and there is a $100 cap on all campaign spending. See how many of the crooks get out and try to become PreZ then.


    • Yeah, that’s what scares me Angie. I don’t want to be entertained by our President. I want to be encouraged, and feel safe. I want our president to exude confidence and courage, not idiocy.


  5. We agree on being dignified…..How bout having honesty and integrity to go along with Presidential attributes? I believe that is seriously lacking from the leading left candidate. Do you agree?


  6. I really thought a couple of them would come to blows in the last R debate, it was like watching a political gathering in a third world country! I was aghast and disgusted.


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