Ego Of The Bicycle

I own it.

I can be arrogant.

I am sleek and fast.  Or strong and dependable.  Or a combination of all.

I can be both utilitarian and graceful.  One does not preclude, or exclude, the other.

I  can make stress disappear into the wind.

I can transport care to those in need.

I can bring smiles.

I can take a beating, and still, all I need is air.  My motor is determination, energy and health.

I can see the world while interacting with it and without destroying it.

I can be improved upon, or not, and what I can do is basically the same.

I am not a taunt.  I am encouragement.

I can be healthful and helpful to physicality and mentality.

I can make minds wonder, or create focus.  I am that good.

Whether I am inflexible as steal, common as aluminum, or flexible as carbon-I function.  I do not need to appear stunning to have a stunning impact.

But stunning, I can be.

More brilliant about my existence, is the improvement I can make in the existence of others.  I can take you, I can bring you, I can get away and get you back, I can hurry or dawdle through life.  I can take your breath away.  I can make you breathe easier.  I can make you strain muscles you never knew existed.  I can build you up while you break through barriers.

I am a bicycle.

I am just a bicycle.

My value is what moves me.

I am not so arrogant that I cannot recognize the truth of my limitations.  I cannot win against a two thousand pound vehicle.  No matter it’s condition.  No matter it’s color, it’s make, it’s year, it’s “right” to own the road, I cannot win against it.   And I have no intention of competing.