That Wasn’t Nice

I made this little book.

I realize it is not literary greatness.

But it does have a message.

Actually, it has quite a few messages on quite a few different levels.

I don’t expect everyone to love it.   I am so grateful that people I know, who like me, like it because they like me.   And very likely may like it for it’s own worth.  I do believe that as well.

And I like to think I have a sense of humor.

A pretty good sense of humor.

Now that you know those things about me, here’s what has happened.  It’s not dramatic or traumatic.  But I decided after thinking about this all day, I’m going to say I don’t like it.  I think it’s okay to say, I just don’t.

I have been asking friends and family to post a review if they’ve seen the book and liked it.   I have received some very nice reviews and ratings.

Thank you very much nice people.

I assume those who don’t leave a review may not want to deal with having to sign in to yet another site (I totally get it), don’t want to compete with Chloe’s review (thank you!), or just don’t do those things.   Again, all understandable.  I’m a no pressure kind of friend.  You don’t wanna?  Don’t.   But if I’m not sure if you want to or not, I will ask.  🙂   I also understand, and appreciate, if people aren’t leaving reviews because they don’t have something nice to say.   That’s a very considerate thing to do too.

I wake up this morning to find this review:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.11.40 PM

I thought …. okay…. maybe someone is trying to be funny.  Though I don’t quite get it….I could possibly process that.

But then I realized they only gave me THREE STARS.

Harumph is what I thought.

Then I reread it about three times during the day.

Call me slow, but something finally dawned on me.  Someone took the time to go to this site, sign in with a not very original or witty name and  spent time they will never get back, writing that review.   And it is posted on a place I tell my friends and family to go look at the great reviews.

And what do they see right at the top?


Well Mr. Bigshlong.  I appreciate the time you gave me.  I’m not angry, or sad, or disappointed in your review.  Simply, I just don’t like it.  I don’t want anyone reading your review and henceforth associating my book with your explosions.

In fairness to you, it must be a pretty miserable existence to have such activity tormenting you on a regular basis.  I’m sorry you have to go through that.  Though I don’t like your review, I hope you feel better and can get out of your house very soon.   A nice walk in fresh air may help your constitution.

Please, go with my well wishes.

And if my book helped you get through this trying time in your life I think it deserves more than three stars.   Don’t you?