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  1. Hope is like a beautiful tropical fish in an aquarium ,that you can watch when ever you want and it is calming and good to have – swimming elegantly and stately around displaying its colors and peacefulness. You can watch it yourself or you can take pride in showing its beauty to others. It has and displays life but will for always be only a possession – that which you nurture but which only affects your emotional well being and not your life. From observation,it seems that hope is critical for humans – actually explaining such phenomenon as lotteries.

    You can,and many do (including myself), find some peace and beauty in this hope and choose to nurture it indefinitely. If you wish this hope to become more in your life then you have to allow it to become a dream. In a dream, you envision what it would be like to have that hope actually produce something = in this metaphor, for instance, you may want more beauty and hence wish to breed your fish, or even bigger, share your love of fish with the world by opening an aquarium store.

    Once you have allowed a hope to become a dream, then there is one more step to make that hope come alive – start setting timelines for the achievements of your dream. Once you have a dream with timelines,then you now have goals – and goals are by definition actionable. Achieving goals is a well studied and documented process that inevitably leads to plans and targets and completion dates, etc.

    When all is said and done, you will find that your hopes have become your life. Having outlined the pathway from hope to life, I would be remiss in not mentioning one warning. In the process of this conversion, please be sure to regularly assess whether the reality you are creating is consistent with your original hope. Quite often you will find that components of the dreams are really what you want and other components are not desirable. Be flexible in your plans and actions. Many years ago I was the terminal manager for a freight company. Being in Ottawa (the capital of Canada) we inevitably did some work for the government. One evening I was working late and got a frantic call from Elections Canada. They had election ballots being printed in Ottawa that were immediately needed in Winnipeg. The shipment was about 50,000 pounds (a full trailer load) and they wanted it to go rush by air freight that night from Montreal’s Dorval airport to Winnipeg. I was flabbergasted – that much weight would necessitate the airline to add another plane just for the service and would be prohibitively expensive. I did the calculations and realized the invoice would be over $200,000. I first questioned the caller’s authority to access that level of service and with a few calls that was confirmed. Now came the questions – because he was obviously trying to convert a hope to a dream to an action plan and it was,believe it or not, my job to make sure he was getting what he needed for the best price and service possible. He explained that the ballots had to be in Winnipeg the next morning. I carefully asked why and he told me that it took a certain lead time to distribute and organize the ballots to go to all the voting stations. I asked if all the ballots had to be present for him to do that and after some thought he agreed that they really only needed about 25% of the ballots tomorrow and the rest within 3 days. So I gave him a price on shipping 12,500 pounds of ballots by air and 37,500 pounds by expedited road – it achieved his needs and priced out at $80,000 – a savings of $120,000. Once he saw the option, he jumped at it and thanked me. And that is what we did – I called a driver at home, organized the run to Dorval and sent a trailer behind to pick up the remaining 37,500 pounds.

    My point being , continually reassess in the process of hope to life conversion.

    Sorry I was so verbose – it is entirely possible that you just wish to keep your hopes as hopes so you can cherish and enjoy them.

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    • No apologies necessary Paul.

      I appreciate this sharing, and honored that my little post inspired it.

      This was inspired by a hope for a specific cause I have no control in. But I remain hopeful. For ‘that’. πŸ™‚

      Thank you Paul. I love your thought processing and trouble shooting and the hope you gave someone else.


  2. I sometimes find that when I hope so hard in one direction I miss several blessings that are happening in other directions, and the cost of that is sometimes greater than what I would have gained if what I’d hoped for had happened, my friend.

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    • Russ, this is one of those….I can’t do anything about it kind of situations. But I still have this inner hope for something good to happen. Some day. I am powerless over it. So all I can do is let hope flicker in my heart for it. πŸ™‚


      • πŸ™‚ ❀ I will ask you, did you or anyone in your family watch "The Passion" on television channel Fox on Sunday? I really want to ask the library to find out if anyone DVR'd it. I loved the way they had it done on the streets of New Orleans, using popular songs in a unique way. This is my second day of humming some of them. Trisha Yearwood "played" Jesus' mother, Seal played Pontius Pilate, Chris Daughtry played Judas. The roles of Jesus and Peter were played by great singers but not recognizable names. Tyler Perry narrated it. Thousands of people were in the Live audience. I wept. . . Not necessarily appropriate for Hope but not really off subject too much in my heart, I wanted to ask you if you saw this. I will check back tomorrow, Colleen.


  3. I sense that is very true of you, and I think that openness is why people are so comfortable with you. I share a hopeful disposition. I live on hope! I think sometimes this quality may make me a little vulnerable–I’ve been duped a number of times by the “fool me twice” syndrome, but I am probably happier as a hopeful person than if I closed those doors!


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