31 thoughts on “Made Up Pain

  1. I firmly believe that our ability to create technology has vastly outstripped the evolution of a system of ethics to deal with it. We have access to images and stories 24/7 that are so horrific, or violent, or hateful that are simply more than our spirits can digest. It’s important to treat our spirits tenderly, gently. They are important.


  2. Indeed, your soul matters and added pain is unnecessary.
    It was an interesting read, and as a writer thpugh I struggle with it as I am exploring a darker part, yet, I see the value in maybe not sharing everything I write or maybe see of there is another way to express it?


    • I wouldn[‘t want someone to not express their talents and creative nature Niaaeryn. Some people really enjoy these genres. I just know I can’t read, or watch, blood and gore, and kill and mayhem entertainment. It just goes to my soul and I can’t get rid of it.

      🙂 But some people are MUCH better at processing stuff out than I am.

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