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  1. I always loved the simplicity of ‘two ears,one mouth’ so we should do twice as much listening as talking. Two way communication. Well said. A good reminder.


  2. If we could only try harder, we may be able to reach resolutions or compromise more. Just reinforcing how you expressed this, Colleen. ❀ As the Beatles said: "Love is all we need."


  3. Absolutely Colleen. I agree so much that as a manager i once suspended an employee for failing to say “Good Morning” ha! Sure surprised him. I had been after him for months about being respectful. he was abusive to others including myself and refused to even exchange pleasantries. I had given him and the whole department a list of expected respectful behaviors when dealing with others, including myself. i had made it clear, in writing that his employment depended on being respectful. I had written him up three times for verbally abusive behavior towards colleagues and superiors. Then one morning I was walking with my assistant down a railed off walkway on the production floor when this employee came towards us. I said “Good Morning”, and he refused to respond. He tried to get by us but the way was narrow and I had had enough. I stepped in front of him and repeated: “I said ‘Good Morning’ ” No response as he tried to dodge again. Once more i blocked his way and said:” You’re suspended for two days for insubordination – given you did not follow the list of respect you were given. Collect up your belongings and my assistant will escort you off the property. Any problems and I will have security remove you and lay a second charge of insubordination which may result in your termination.” He was a ten year employee who had taken a hate for life recently and so he took his complaint against me to the company owner. (We had an open door policy and I guess he figured he would go to the top.) I got called to the president’s office (big company over 5,000 employees and over a billion $ in revenue) and I brought along the files and my assistant. I explained the issue,showed the “respectful behaviors” list and the warnings, and with my assistant explained what had happened when I had said “Good Morning”. The owner was a very respectful man who prided himself on his civility. He agreed the suspension was not only appropriate but a very lenient response. He called the employee in, gave him shit for not taking the issue to my boss first, then told him not only did the suspension stay but if it were him he would have fired the employee’s ass. Then the owner added that he would be checking with me to make sure there were no repeat performances and any violation would result in termination.

    Yep, I expect communication to be recognized as requiring a response. πŸ˜€

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    • YES YES YES!!! I need to show this comment to my husband. He doesn’t always think there is a need to respond in a timely manner to something I say. He says he’s thinking, but ten minutes after I make a comment he will respond and I have NO idea what he’s talking about.


      But, I do understand your story. I think being rude is a decision in most cases. And as a result, you have consequences for your rudeness. If the employee was having an issue, he should have been addressing it long before it got to the point that EVERYONE was having an issue with HIM.

      Thank you Paul!


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