49 thoughts on “Out On A Limb

  1. Been there and it’s never fun climbing back down, wondering why I went in the first place. Sometimes limbs should be left for someone else to venture out onto and sometimes they should be left alone entirely. Unfortunately, we always seem to find this out after the fact.


  2. Going out on a limb does hold some amount of uncertainty and doubt. Usually there is a kernel of knowing the reason which may grow or may die. We only know when results come to fruition, Colleen.


    • True words there Robin. We don’t know unless we try. And then when we try…..it’s the only way to find out. Even though it may not be a great fruition, it’s better than wondering/wandering forever what ‘might’ have been if we had only gone out there….


  3. i think it’s probably still better to have a little adventure and at least get out there. Sometimes the act of getting out there is better than understanding why. Love the newer additions/use of color, Colleen.


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