We love and adore someone who drives us absolutely batty.

We admire something someone does and are stunned that they could do it.

We continue to have hope when everything is shouting at us to stop believing.

We smile and laugh when our hearts are breaking, or broken.

We speak love but act hate.

We think possibility but do not take action.

We know better but ignore our knowledge.

We behave thoughtlessly towards the ones who mean the most to us.

We want respect but don’t know how to show it.

We preach tolerance but only accept you if you agree.

We want what we are not willing to work for.

We want things to be different but are not willing to change.

We want to be understood but are living contradictions.

39 thoughts on “Contradiction

  1. Oh – so true. We are a mess of contradictions. And behind the scenes of your written piece – once again – you have provoked my curiosity in terms of the “inspiration” for this one, Colleen. Could be so many things. I see so many parallels in my life right now.


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