The Truth Of Them Is

Some people are not honest.

No matter how much

They want to convince you they are.

Or how much

You wish they would be.

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27 thoughts on “The Truth Of Them Is

  1. Oh yeah, tell me about it! Sad but true!

  2. russtowne says:

    Not even with themselves…

  3. Mustang says:

    Our lack of honesty is a disgrace to the human race. Speaking honestly (and respectfully) with people is a liberating experience.

  4. Ocean Bream says:

    ‘or how much you wish they would be’ 😦 that hit deep, Colleen.

  5. Yes, I’m an older and wiser woman. Honesty and sharing are an alien concept to some people. You don’t know that until you’ve been had.

  6. When I hear that “convincing” my hackles go up. You said it!

  7. so true! Even as much as we want it!

  8. reocochran says:

    When I worked at the battered women’s shelter, there were distortions and there were lies. The ones who were there due to fear for their children’s welfare and safety made it worth it, Colleen.
    Sadly, I had a longtime friend who was dishonest often.
    It is strange but I usually offer “proof” when I don’t need to, which my Dad considered this part of my old soul. He used to tease me to lighten up and said, “Robin’s guilty conscience would convict her in a court of law.”

    • I would love to let go of ‘guilty conscience’. At least to some degree. I love that it keeps me honest, but sometimes it makes me pick up things I don’t need to be responsible for! I love your dad’s saying!

  9. niaaeryn says:

    Yeah, a friend of mine was not honest with himself…Regrettably that made it to me…wish he were more honest with himself first, and maybe I would not have wasted time.

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