39 thoughts on “My Hiding Spot

  1. My lips are sealed. My husband said to me today, ‘if you help me, we might be able to get a home in the countryside.’ then he gave a long pause for dramatic effect, ‘away from everybody.’ Haha, this coming from a city boy! I guess we all need our peace and quiet, and your moon is the quietest place imaginable. Happy solitude.


  2. Pssst! if you see any aliens hiding back there on the dark side of the moon, let us know, eh? That’s where all the invaders hide in the movies before attacking, Or Pink Floyd, for that matter.


  3. It’s amazing how fresh and exciting your posts are 🙂 I always look forward to these. I sometimes feel envious because the several words that appear on the screen after my relentless typing still don’t pour out as much as your few words do! 🙂


  4. It seems the consensus is that we all need a hiding place – our own special little place to rest. I am often reminded how even Jesus had his “hiding place” and rested.


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