32 thoughts on “Earning My PHD

  1. Great drawing Colleen – very emotive while retaining the simplicity of truth. There is no doubt in my mind that the sum total of your writings would make a solid foundation for a number of PhD theses. You could easily use the blog as a jumping off point for exploring blogger/commenter relationships; the value of writing your thoughts and how it affects perceptions; the correlation of topic with response; the relationship between the drawing and the response; the type and focus of the posts; a comparison of your blogging style with others, etc. You have an excellent platform for doing surveys of your followers – PhD advisers will demand a quantitative perspective, so numbers are good. I assume you work for the government or a government mandated office (given the job you described) so you know how much the man loves the numbers.


    • Paul, I envy (though I shouldn’t use that word) your brain power and ability to see so much. This is the closest I will ever come to ‘doing’ a PHD. But you just took my playful thought and made it so realistically something that could be done. I think I will remain calm and NOT do a PHD. 😉


      • In all honesty Colleen, I have seen little work done on studying blogs – a very prevalent and important part of how we communicate using social media. I’m willing to bet that if you have a Masters (which doing the work you are is likely an MSW) you could easily make a presentation that would get you accepted doing a PhD on social communication esp blogs. With the posts you have already done and the comments – you already have a solid repository of info on which to draw for at least the presentation if not the thesis itself. My experience with your blog is that you are pretty consistently involved in emotional communication and validation – topics which would easily transfer between your work and your blog – and topics that would make great research foci especially with the quantitative data you already have and the opportunity to obtain more. P.S. You can always find a reason to NOT do anything and my Mum did a PhD when she was 55. 😀


  2. I went off the grid and missed a few posts. I had my pre-scheduled ones and then my brother called me and I had to quick add his Big Sur marathon race news. It was a nice weekend, walked almost ten miles with a good friend who is moving away and walked another time with my daughter. Seems like I missed some wonderful posts, Colleen. Thank you for keeping the comments open for me. 🙂
    You deserve an award or a PhD, 🙂 Plenty of heavy Discussion and Dialogue here at the Chatter Blog!


    • Thank you for catching up with me Robin. 🙂 You are always so good about that. I’m glad you had such a great weekend.

      I don’t know about that PhD but I’ll be glad to humor myself and think I’m working on it with this here blog. 😉


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