Digging Out

It’s amazing

What we need a shovel for in life.

To dig out of.

DIgging Out

That stuff falls every where.


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26 thoughts on “Digging Out

  1. taylormitch says:

    Life is full of so many ups and downs, to say the least. It is “tools” like this that will help us get through. Perhaps the best tool is family and friends.


  2. That stuff is endless. lol 😉


  3. Hahaha! That which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. 😀 It gets better! Besides, it is almost the weekend! Yay!


  4. Paul says:

    Dumped on today were we?Ha!


  5. Val Boyko says:

    … and to dig into!


  6. yes. it. does! 🙂 ❤
    Diana xo


  7. Vacuum’s do the job too. 🙂


  8. I need one of those robot machines to follow me around. However, my therapist would probably tell me I have to process the **** that keeps falling.


  9. reocochran says:

    Are you a little down about someone on a blog, at work, in the public eye? I hope they know to watch out, Colleen, you are a Force to reckon with, my dear!
    You just may be the most honest person around. . .


    • Oh no, not down at all Robin. 🙂 I had this memory of leaning on a shovel and I wanted to capture it. And this came to mind.

      And thank you for seeing me as honest. I am honored you say that.


  10. niaaeryn says:

    A saying from my generation that I want to bring back–word.


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