Just A Few Seconds Away

She lives alone.

But not really.

In her state of dementia she believes an angel lives with her.

The angel naps on her bed.  The angel talks to her and tells her things she believes are worth knowing.

My friend went to visit her.  And she told my friend if she wakes up and the angel is gone, she calls for the angel.

And the angel calls back from where she is-

“Don’t worry, I’m just a few seconds away from where you are.”

 I believe.

They are never far from us.

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39 thoughts on “Just A Few Seconds Away

  1. Nice to have something to believe in.


  2. Many have entertained angels unaware… ❤
    Diana xo


  3. Paul says:

    What a peaceful way to go – in the arms of an angel.


  4. ksbeth says:

    what a wonderful companion she has.


  5. How sweet! This is something that brings her happiness and peace and I think that is wonderful! (And I believe an angel is really there).


  6. reocochran says:

    Angels are among us, maybe on the sidewalk beside us. I believe, Colleen. ❤ This is comforting for her to know.


  7. Thank you. It’s a comforting thing for her and us. Guardian angels are soaring with the Pelicans here. They flash brilliant white when the sun catches them.


  8. Whatever comfort a body needs and can be had is a bonus. Angels are the best comfort.
    Love this story, Colleen. ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. When my mother had final stages Alzheimer’s she sat in her wheel chair smiling away like she was on a pleasure cruise. Perhaps she was seeing angels as well. This of yours made me smile. And feel good. ❤


  10. russtowne says:

    Thank you for being an angel to many, Colleen.


  11. I firmly believe angels are always around us, heavenly ones and earthly ones, huge hugs and hint hint, I love your wings.


  12. This is really intriguing! Lovely Colleen xx


  13. April says:

    I like that she has an angel. My grandpa had a crow that visited him.


  14. niaaeryn says:



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