I, Simply

I write, simply.

Simple is clear, concise. And speaks volumes.

I draw, artlessly.

Artlessly, without deceit or cunning.

I think, guilelessly.

Guileless, clearly and without clutter.

I feel, acutely.

Acutely, seriously sensitive.

I exist, directly.

Directly, as openly and ordinary as can be.

I live, willingly.

Willingly, ready and consenting to be.

I, simply, am.

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26 thoughts on “I, Simply

  1. Definitely a good description of you… And why we all like you so much!


  2. Paul says:

    Me too! Me too! What she said! πŸ™‚


  3. Debra says:

    It’s rare that people live as authentically as you do, Colleen. Your values are all congruent! Lovely!


  4. Gyslaine L. says:

    Yes sure! πŸ™‚


  5. ksbeth says:

    and that is enough.


  6. This is wonderful and describes you very well!


  7. cindy says:

    Yep, that about sums you up ween!


  8. When you write it comes across authentic, from the heart. And my take on this one is you really are in touch with yourself, grounded in reality with a heart of gold; human. You make my heart feel good and it’s a gift for me I meet/found you. Love, Paulette


  9. April says:

    The best way one can live their lives, simply. You are simply one of my favorite people!


  10. Sounds like someone named Colleen. ❀
    If only more people lived this way. Sigh. 😦


  11. lbeth1950 says:

    It shines through.


  12. Yes you are. We need as much of you as we can get. Simply and directly is my motto.


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