The Waiting Room

You learn more personal information about people that you really don’t want to know

By sitting quietly in a waiting room

Desperately wishing

You weren’t hearing

Everything they were saying

To someone on the other end of a cell phone.

I can’t turn off my ears.

Waiting Room

You know we can all hear you, right?

44 thoughts on “The Waiting Room

  1. I often wonder if many people see this as a badge of honor – “see, I’m so important that I have to be on the phone every minute – and no one wants to talk to you.”


  2. Ha, ha! Colleen, i have been accused of talking loudly on my cell phone and honestly I never realized I was being loud or rude or anything. After it was pointed out to me a couple of times, I make a conscious effort to lower my voice or step outside if I’m in public.


    • I think there are many reasons people do this. Sometimes they are truly unaware, to the opposite end of the spectrum where they don’t care. I am pretty sure you do not fall in to the “don’t care” category. You are a singer by nature….so you emote. 😉


      • Ha, ha! I think I do get kind of nervous when I’m on the phone which brings my voice up. When people have told me to keep my voice down they are pretty rude about it though. Now I know not to do it so it’s all good but still…never meant to do any harm!


        • Well, there is no reason for anyone to be rude. 🙂 I am not necessarily bothered by it all, I think shocked or surprised is more like it. I really think some people start talking and truly don’t realize everyone is listening.


  3. A pet peeve. This happened to me last week in a doc’s waiting room. A loud, obnoxious patient answered his phone and babbled on. I’m sure the two women who were also there appreciated his comment about how cold the water was in his pool at home: “My nuts were in my throat.”


    • Well isn’t that a classic? Some people…… And yes, I was in a waiting room for a surgeon’s office when that happened. Grant it, I had no idea who the man was talking about, but still…..


  4. That is so true. I think that sometimes they want people to hear them. They must, right? As the listener though, I’d much rather not hear most of what is said. However, I will admit that sometimes the one-sided conversation can be quite interesting and could potentially lead to a blog post.


    • I would bet there are many reasons why people do it, and surely I should not judge them. It just amazes me sometimes how it appears that they are unaware people can hear them. And it seems that when ‘we’ talk on a cell phone we are suddenly louder than any other persons around who may also be talking – but talking to someone present. 😉

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  5. I try not to answer my phone in public, I’m always so embarrassed and feel quite rude. I’m not a bit upset listening to others though, great way to pass the time. 🙂


  6. I was laughing at the places cell phone usage including private thoughts were used in so many different locations, Colleen. The tiled and echoing bathroom is my least favorite place to learn things I don’t need to hear! 😉


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