That Old Road

My husband and I were driving today down an ‘old road’ from days that flew by us too quickly too long ago.

I commented that I miss the days.  The days we would rush to this road, ride twenty miles.   Ten miles downhill.   Ten miles uphill.  Then we would go teach and participate in two martial arts classes.  I miss that.  I miss that kind of strength.   That kind of physicality.  That kind of ability.

It’s not that we stopped enjoying it.  Those abilities.

It’s that life took turns and made loops and routed us into different places than where we were.

That, then occurred to me as we continued driving.  I pointed out, mostly to myself, that I suppose we are doing things now, that we weren’t doing then.

And I love and appreciate what we are doing now.

Driving down that road on a sunny, hot day with stunning blue skies took me back to so many amazing days.   Fortunately I paid enough attention then to own and store those days and the feelings that came with them.  It’s why it came back so powerfully today while we were driving that road.

And fortunately I’m paying enough attention today to be appreciative of where this road and the driving it has brought us.   To the new activities.  The new peoples.  The new directions.

I still have the feels for those days.

But I’m glad for the new roads with each new day.

39 thoughts on “That Old Road

  1. It’s always nice to look back to the good ol’ days but it is even more wonderful to see where we have been and where we are today. That makes us appreciate all the ups and downs of our lives. Nice post, Colleen!


  2. May you experience many more trips down such old roads and may you find each time that whatever you’ve given up from years past has been more than made up for in increased wisdom, more patience, and greater understanding.


  3. Coincidentally I read a quote just a few minutes back while I was looking up the all-knowing Internet… It went something on the lines of this – “one must always look forward to life, but I sometimes like looking back to see how far I’ve come” – well it meant exactly this but I’m not sure I’ve got the words accurate!


  4. Sounds like a good road and roads. Looking forward to the new people, places, and activities you have both found. *smiles


  5. I understand completely and couldn’t agree with you more! Funny how those turns in the road of life happen so unexpectedly and turn out to be so joyful. Yet, we still love the old road. Thanks for sharing the insight.


  6. Every now and then I step backwards and miss it. The roads that took me to another place in the world. I miss it long enough to plan for a new road, for I will remember those too. Today reminds me that I am here, now, and so I hold today because it is all I have.

    I love how you tap into where I am in life, I find many of your posts reflect my thoughts.. always exciting to read, Colleen.


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