Less Than Measurable Self

The universe.

It exists.

And my very small, infinitesimal existence, is aware.

I am aware of my less than measurable self.

Likewise, I am acutely aware of the presence of other seemingly infinitesimal entities.   If we go by mass, by comparison, I only use ‘infinitesimal’ as a reference.  I know my existence, my being, is by comparison to the universe immeasurable.  As would be other like sized entities.  Knowing this then, how can the realities of such finite actualities have such an impact?  How does something so immeasurable to the depth and size of the universe have such far reaching and powerful impacts to other infinitesimal entities?

How can the pain and suffering, the poignancy,  of one infinitesimal being so greatly impact another?

How can the elation and celebration of one infinitesimal being so greatly impact another?

How can these smaller than microscopic emotions reverberate from heart to heart to heart.  Traveling the smallness of our world, so diminutive to this universe.  To this galaxy.

Infinitesimal as any of us may be to the vastness of our universe none of us are insignificant.

The suffering of another human being.   The celebration of the human condition.

These are larger than our proportion.