Less Than Measurable Self

The universe.

It exists.

And my very small, infinitesimal existence, is aware.

I am aware of my less than measurable self.

Likewise, I am acutely aware of the presence of other seemingly infinitesimal entities.   If we go by mass, by comparison, I only use ‘infinitesimal’ as a reference.  I know my existence, my being, is by comparison to the universe immeasurable.  As would be other like sized entities.  Knowing this then, how can the realities of such finite actualities have such an impact?  How does something so immeasurable to the depth and size of the universe have such far reaching and powerful impacts to other infinitesimal entities?

How can the pain and suffering, the poignancy,  of one infinitesimal being so greatly impact another?

How can the elation and celebration of one infinitesimal being so greatly impact another?

How can these smaller than microscopic emotions reverberate from heart to heart to heart.  Traveling the smallness of our world, so diminutive to this universe.  To this galaxy.

Infinitesimal as any of us may be to the vastness of our universe none of us are insignificant.

The suffering of another human being.   The celebration of the human condition.

These are larger than our proportion.

30 thoughts on “Less Than Measurable Self

  1. Oh yes, indeedy Colleen, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Did I mention that I agree? Yes? Yes.

    I have pondered this concept for literally decades (I did lot of thinking when I drove). So let’s talk about a car.I am sure you drive a car? Your brain – a few pounds- runs your body – say 100 pounds – which in turn runs your car – about 2,500 pounds. So you take a weightless thought in a 2 pound brain and convert it to the motion of a 2,500 pound car. Now each of the steps between have their operating envelope that you can’t exceed, but provided you stay inside the parameters – you are multiplying power over 1,00 times. When I drove a tractor-trailer, that weighed up to 140,000 pounds, I was multiplying power by 70,000 times. and when it went well, it was like we were designed for this – i could “feel” the truck, as if my consciousness had spread out to the full 80 foot length and 9 foot width and 600 horsepower on 30 wheels. It was so convincing that I can clearly recall getting out of the truck, looking back and being so amazed that that huge vehicle was with me.

    We seem designed that way Colleen – we can “feel” that which we engage. My boss once was a ex-palliative care nurse. She loved her patients dearly and if they were in pain would hold them as they went to sleep. She tells of working night shift and suddenly knowing that one was struggling – and hurrying to them before the electronics even alarmed. Whenever we engage in relationships, activities, work, hobbies, etc, we enlarge ourselves and expand into the situation.

    For those who believe, it seems to work similarly with God. He brings Love and Peace to the world and when we manage to locate it, it is like standing in a bright bright light that fills us. And when we are so filled it is as if we become a part of all that is – our consciousness spreads out into everything. The more Love we act on, the wider our influence and power- but the odd thing is that is not a motivator.

    In other words, we are built like a core processor that can be plugged into any situation and expand to fill and control that situation. It is astounding when you talk to people who, for instance build ships or architects who design buildings or planners who design cities. There seems to be no limit as to how complex the scenario can be and still it can be encapsulated by a single human. I suspect it is a function of the fact that we are God’s children and as such are wee but have access to everything we can understand by using this magical multiplier process.


  2. Such deep thoughts! I totally agree… While many of us scientists are trying to understand what life is, I’m sure none of us would truly succeed in measuring the depth and the vast expanse of our conscious mind.. And to me that’s almost poetic justice…


  3. Yes! We are microscopic portion of thread in the tapesty of the universes. But this thread is important because we have free will and what we chose to do impacts our world. Our choices I think matter.


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