7 Truths

  1. I will speak stupidly.  Often
  2. I will listen intently to you for as long as I can.  Until you say something that makes my thoughts take a diversion and my brain will go with that thought.  Meandering where it needs to go.  Regardless of which direction your speaking continues to travel.  I want to continue to listen.  But my brain needs to travel.
  3. I get angry quickly.   I get over it quickly.  I have very few reasons to get angry for the amount of times I get angry.
  4. I think too much about death.  But it motivates me to live fully.
  5. There are television shows, mostly involving quirky towns, that I want to live in.
  6. I believe I am as tall as anyone else I know.
  7. The things I believe to be true do not have to have any scientific proof to support it.  It just needs to make sense to me.