7 Truths

  1. I will speak stupidly.  Often
  2. I will listen intently to you for as long as I can.  Until you say something that makes my thoughts take a diversion and my brain will go with that thought.  Meandering where it needs to go.  Regardless of which direction your speaking continues to travel.  I want to continue to listen.  But my brain needs to travel.
  3. I get angry quickly.   I get over it quickly.  I have very few reasons to get angry for the amount of times I get angry.
  4. I think too much about death.  But it motivates me to live fully.
  5. There are television shows, mostly involving quirky towns, that I want to live in.
  6. I believe I am as tall as anyone else I know.
  7. The things I believe to be true do not have to have any scientific proof to support it.  It just needs to make sense to me.



33 thoughts on “7 Truths

  1. We have a lot in common, Colleen! 🙂 Maybe not the quirky towns….but you’ve probably planted a thought I will probably now consider. My mind does a lot of roaming, too!


  2. I was doing a lot of the number one yesterday at a park with other moms I know. I came to the realization later when relaying the conversation to my laughing husband, that I have a tendency to make myself sound as stupid as possible with others. I don’t know why I do it, but it seems to happen far too often!


  3. Thanks for sharing 7 of your truths. Although, your number one? You don’t appear to speak stupidly, or even write stupidly. Just as I am, give yourself a break from the negative truths.


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