Life Lessons

No one is always right.

Being right sometimes makes you an asshole.

Love changes you.

Hate controls you.

There are over seven billion people on this earth.  There are bound to be differences.  Duh.

Orange is an under appreciated color.

Being curious makes life fascinating.

Creating isn’t about skill it’s about passion.

Kindness is vastly underrated.

Your tastebuds change over your life time.  Horseradish.  Who knew?

Not agreeing with another person’s life choices is not always intolerance, sometimes, it’s truly just not understanding the possibility of it.  With no hate attached.

The pay off of hard work is not always financial.  Sometimes it’s paid in character development.

Change is not always good.  Or necessary.

I don’t remember all life lessons.  But I’m not opposed to relearning them.

The world as you know it does resolve around you.   It’s called your perception.