43 thoughts on “Make Life Better

  1. What a fabulous thing it is to read and learn. We never have to stop learning! In addition books are great therapy and escape! Have a beautiful day Chatter!<3


  2. I love that you say it.. for I cannot live without books, Colleen. So much so that I carry around a journal which says I cannot live without books and people often sort of nod to me saying.. uh hmmm, yes, yes, I can’t either, which gets us talking. A world without the written word simply does not exist for me.


  3. I am getting back into reading and have my 2-3 books going on at the same time. Depending what mood I am in – determines which book I read!! 🙂 What can I say my mind is always going off in different directions. 🙂


  4. Books are doorways, portals, trains, and so many other modes of transportation to other lands and worlds. When life is sad or seems to lack hope for some people, I will wish they have a pile of books for nourishing their soul, Colleen.


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