And Then

I thought today was a great day.

I got up.

I was excited about the sunniness of it

I was excited about the heat of it.

I was excited about just going.

I was with a friend.

I was exclaiming joyfully about the exhilaration I felt being out

The sun burning

The sky bluing

And then…


We stopped.

And I learned

That this day that I thought was so great

Wasn’t so great after all.

I was so wrong.

Horrified and heart broken for Orlando families and friends.

30 thoughts on “And Then

  1. Human’s are not always nice people. We can do better. I wish bad things wouldn’t happen but they do.. We must continue to be our best. We can make this world a peaceful place. Prayers for the victims and families.

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  2. I can’t keep the sorrow from forcing tears out of me! Extremely sad and horrified, as you rightly put! And also disgusted, if I may say so! Shame!
    My heart reaches out to all the victims and the families who now mourn the loss….


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