Be Nice To Old People

June 15th


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

How sad is that?

That we need a day around the world

To pay attention to the fact that the elderly population

Are at risk


Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation.

That they are hurt

Uncared for when they cannot care for themselves

Stolen from when they are vulnerable

Made to feel obsolete when they should be revered.

Wearing a color on a specific day does not change any of this.


You start by wearing purple because you are made aware.

Once you are aware,

You pay attention.

Once you pay attention

You choose to do nothing

Or you choose

To make a difference

In one elderly person’s life.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Be nice to the old people.

Show the next generation how to do it right

Before you are the next old generation.

28 thoughts on “Be Nice To Old People

  1. Beautiful Colleen. Thank you- I dd not know there was such a day and I am glad there is.

    There are many thinkers who consider the mark of civilization our treatment of the elderly, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, the sick and the disabled. Using that criteria I am afraid that we fall far short of the level of civilization that we attribute to ourselves.

    Great post – Thank you.


  2. It’s incredibly sad how older people are treated in our society, as you know Colleen because of the work you are in. We surely do need to be kinder and more understanding of our vulnerable citizens.


    • And more involved Priceless. I am often times amazed at the elderly who have family who do not provide for them. We know there are always back stories and histories we are not privy to. But leaving a human being who is incapable of providing for their own needs to suffer, speaks more of the person who knows it….and allows it…..than any of the history they may have shared.

      Thank you.


  3. I didn’t know there was a day dedicated to this cause…it’s very sad that we have to have a day for a cause like this though! Nobody should ever have to go through such pain in life…


  4. A thoughtful post. I hate to think of anyone being hurt or abused in any way–especially children and the elderly. Funny we now have a day for them. I wasn’t aware till a year ago. 😀 ❤ ❤


  5. This is beautiful, and makes me so so sad. I remember when I was little and people would tell me horrible stories of abuse to elders. I couldn’t fathom how anybody could be so awful, especially to those who raised them and cared for them when they were helpless and vulnerable. It’s payback, because one day they will be old and will need to be looked after. I hope we all give back to our parents and elders what they gave to us.


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