When I Rage!

We are all capable of rage.

It is a viable emotion.

Reasons exist.

We see things we believe to be justly righteous about.

We see indignity that no one should experience.

We suffer pain.

We suffer tragedy.

We suffer differences.

We suffer loss.

We suffer immorality.

We experience hostility.

We experience indifference.

We combat inequality.

We struggle against hate.


It exists.

We feel it.

It may live in us.


It does not control me.

It does not dictate me.




Because my rage

Is not my right

To hurt you.


I will not live in rage.

But it does exist

In me.

Even the kindest of us can feel it.

36 thoughts on “When I Rage!

  1. Very well written and we appreciate your honesty, Colleen. I don’t rage but I get sad. This is how I express my disappointment and upset feelings, through sobs and tears.


    • I don’t act in rage, or act out in rage, but I feel rage build. It’s usually against the senselessness and horrificness of cruelty inflicted on others. And it’s when I feel powerless. I think rage can be used as an energy. Become incensed and then use that to make/create change.

      Sobs and tears…..I get that Robin.


  2. It used to exist just beneath the surface with me Colleen, real easy to ignite. Yet now I read this post and realize, that’s not true anymore. I mean I still get angry but it’s not right there anymore. ❤
    Diana xo


  3. True. I guess the real test is how we manifest and/or cope with it. Seems that all the human emotions and reactions are there within all of us to be experienced depending on the situation/triggers. Some are lucky they aren’t challenged with too many stressful events, others not quite so. Your honesty is refreshing. I’m with you. ❤


    • Thank you Paulette. I can’t deny this emotion. I am sure I have felt it bubbling up. But I can’t imagine believing I have the right to let it go to a full boil and then erupt it on others. My rights do not give me the freedom to infringe on others rights.


  4. My rage is not my right to hurt you!!!! – Such a profound implication this line has got… Everyone must read this and think about it for sure 🙂
    Lovely thought to wake up to!! Thank you for another beautiful post 🙂


    • You’re welcome AIshwarya. I’m glad this meant something to you. And that line? It was most impactful to me. I want to say that ‘your rage is not your right to hurt me’ as well. But I think that is implied.


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  5. Colleen, I used to see rage as such a negative thing because I was always a strong advocate for justice, it incensed me beyond anything I knew, to watch senseless acts of violence and war take a toll on human lives. I learned that rage is how you feel not what you do, an emotion, not a weapon. You feel its energy, be in its space and slowly walk out of it when you’re aware it can consume.


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