This Is My Dad

This is my dad.

This Is My Dad

He loved us very much.

He loved me the most.

He died.

And I can’t tell him

All of the things I wish

I had told him.

I can’t ask him all of the questions

That maturity has given me the curiosity and wisdom

To know there was so much

I wished to ask him.

I can’tΒ reflect with him

On all of the lessons he taught me.

And I can’t sit with him and laugh about all of the childhood things

We all lived through together.

With him as dad

And us as kids.


I can always love him.

49 thoughts on “This Is My Dad

  1. But you can always always love him. I am so sorry for your loss, Colleen, a good father is a treasure in a million. I myself regret all the times I don’t spend with my dad and he is alive, he just lives thousands of miles away. Your dad I am sure would be happy to read what you have written. Beautiful. May he always live on in your memories.


  2. Hugs Colleen. My dad was the age I am now when he died. It’s hard to believe how much living he’s missed and how much loving we have missed.


  3. I hope that sharing your father with us this Father’s Day made it a special day, even in the feeling of what can no longer be. I had so many coworkers tell me at work today that yesterday was tough! A lot of emotions stirred and the longing to have just a little bit more time with beloved dads. What a handsome man, Colleen. And your special relationship is a treasure even now.


    • Thank you Debra. You know, I don’t really find the day tough. I find it more nostalgia filled. I find it fun and entertaining to see the little ones and young parents celebrating the day. It’s always a joy to see the little hand print cards and dad day activities. So I do okay. I guess the one thing that does play over and over….is the imagining one more visit, one more chance to say the things we always leave unsaid. Or think we leave unsaid. πŸ™‚


  4. This speaks volumes: “I can always love him.”
    Hello, I love this so much! Warm feelings and some serious thoughts passed through my mind. My Dad made it to 69, but it is “never enough time!”
    I apologize for not reading so many posts. Summer in the hot warehouse drags me down. I don’t want to miss this much of YOU again, Colleen. ❀


    • My dad made it to 65. And no, it wasn’t enough time.

      And thank you for not wanting to miss me. πŸ™‚ But I do understand. Life is not going to wait for us to read our blogs. πŸ˜‰


  5. Just came across. I’m sure your Dad was a good man. He’d have been proud of you. My Dad passed unexpectedly in March of 2016. I’m familiar with what you’re feeling, at least I think I am. I might not be but my point is it’s hard being a son with out a dad around. No one gets it except for men like us.


    • Thank you Austin. Your words brought up a good bit of emotion for me. (I do have to point out though, I’m female. It’s not the first time someone has thought other wise though! I look a good bit like my dad and brothers. But I’m all girl.) πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your feelings.


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