Go Home

I sometimes contemplate what would make me happier in my life.

I think think think and think some more.

Sometimes it crosses over to Dreaming.  Than wishing.

Sadly I re-live this moment because being human I think we are by nature…nomadic.   We are always searching.   Seeking.  Hoping to find and experience more.  It’s the excitement and the rush of it all.

No matter how much I seek I find myself looking always-for home.

I love exploring.  I love learning.   I love discovering.

But I love simply.   I love home.  I love the people who represent home.  I love an iced cappuccino and carrying books and pens and paper in my back pack.   I love knowing that no matter what is out there, what is here, is most valuable to me.  And when I refind myself thinking, then dreaming, then wishing…..

I go home.

And find happiness.

Go Home