My Friend Went To Prison

But it doesn’t define who she is.


And she alone

Does that

With all that happen(ed)(s) in her life.

And in the meantime

She is part of others lives

Who are defining themselves

And their lives.

Sack Nasty

Define away Rara.

And thank you for sharing your experience with us.





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18 thoughts on “My Friend Went To Prison

  1. No matter what situation we are in we can do good for others and make a difference.


  2. Ocean Bream says:

    Oh I love her and her beautiful beautiful words! Where you go certainly does NOT define who you are.


  3. We’ve all been broken, it’s how we mend and go forward that matters. Ra has done beautifully this with courage and grace and I’m so glad she chose to share her beautiful words with us.


  4. tric says:

    I love to read her. Her writing speaks of her.


  5. Angie says:

    We are all in a prison of our own making Colleen. I have had friends in the kind with bars on the doors and windows, and I am in one without bars but with physical limitations. I love your poem. It expresses what most of us are afraid to say.


  6. Wonderful that you are so supportive!


  7. Paul says:

    Ra is a gift.


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