I Don’t Hate You

As long as we differentiate on who’s lives matter by color

Or report hatred categorized by color instead of just the necessary title of hate

We will always have separation and ‘sides’.

From the president to the reporting agencies at large

Make hate and violence unacceptable.

Don’t exclude my horror and empathy

Because of my color.

I will never accept violence as an appropriate behavior

To disagreement or lack of understanding.

We are killing one another.

Why is that acceptable, tolerated, or excused?

My color

Is not a precursor to my disposition on values, ethics and morals.

I don’t hate you.

Or you.

Or you.

I am horrified at the inhumanity inflicted on any human being.

I’m ashamed of what we as humans are capable of.

But I have hope

In what we as humans are worthy of.