Not Your World

When you live in someone else’s world

It’s no wonder nothing fits.

Doesn't Fit

The universe needs all of the worlds

To exist

Or it would implode.


Or create

Where you fit.

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20 thoughts on “Not Your World

  1. Paul says:

    Yeah, yeah,close the comments on the easy ones but when it comes to the construction of the universe, you’re more than happy to entertain opinions. I know your type. Ha!

    I think the answer to your question is both yes and no. All that is here constitutes this universe. Without each and everyone of us, this universe would not exist. That said, something different would exist in its place. Hence the theory of multiple universes.

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    • 😉

      It’s not that I close the comments to the ‘easy’ ones. 🙂 It’s just a time constraint…..but…….I have to say I was looking forward to the comments on this one. And as always, you never let me down!

      Maybe something different would exist in the space we inhabit if we weren’t in it. But…..wouldn’t that then make everything different universally? My space may be filled but by an entirely different matter.

      Interesting thought you are provoking in me as I am preparing for big changes.


      • Paul says:

        Mmmm.indeed, it is both an interesting mental exercise and a matter of Faith. Suffice it to say that you are a unique and special life, Colleen, created by an unconditionally loving power that will always make sure you are taken care of (even when that is not obvious). Given you were created it is not possible to get away from the Love. How that is done is often confusing or surprising. We see obstacles all the time,but they are just there as a result of our perspective and are not real obstacles. For instance we see the speed of light as the absolute maximum speed of anything in this universe – and it has been for most of our experience. But then a set of particles were discovered that shared information instantaneously, regardless of distance – at times clearly violating the speed of light rule. And so it is in life as well – at times it appears that certain aspects of our lives can never change and then they do change and the world turns upside down and yet it still works (this fascinates me – how the complex systems and such can continue to work even when huge changes are made). That is actually the most difficult thing when making changes in a large organization – many cannot believe it will work as well or better with the changes.

        In a Change management course we had a book called “Deep Change” by Robert Quinn It is without a doubt the very best nook I have ever read, bar none Colleen. It is so real – it starts off by asking the reader to imagine walking naked and with no help or tools into an unknown forest. It then says that is how entering deep change feels – completely disconnected form all our regular safety net and means of assistance. He is right on.

        The truth is that we have what it takes, with Faith, to face that. Even if it means a different universe.

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        • This comment is directly addressing questions and ponderings I have been dealing with Paul. Yes, things will still work even with changes being made. Where ‘I’ leave from and where ‘I’ go to. And I kind of feel like that naked walker into the woods. But like you say, I am doing it with faith. And my universe is changing.


          • Paul says:

            You may have already realized this but change often demands that you break the rules as they existed before the change. This is a hurdle that many find difficult. the question should be -“:what is the best action to promote the change or make it best for all concerned” rather than “what have I always done in the past?” Oh yeah, and there is one other hard concept for many – change often means building the bridge as you cross it- in other words, you know the direction but have no idea as to the details until you do it.

            Best of luck – you’ll do well, I am sure.


  2. You’re absolutely right, Colleen! We need all the worlds to exist. Darling picture!


  3. Love this and just exactly what I needed to see. A hard learning lesson for me but I’m making some progress. 🙂


  4. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and you get some really bad blisters!


  5. reocochran says:

    I see your point, Colleen. 🙂 Your drawing is precious.
    Hope we can cross lines, wear each other’s shoes, try and understand each other’s perspective…
    It isn’t someone else’s world; since some need to accept the world belongs to All of Us. ❤


  6. niaaeryn says:

    Love the robe too. Well said *smiles


  7. Val Boyko says:

    Wise and empowering words Colleen 💛


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